Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture, Announces the Names of the Long List Mosque of the Third Cycle (2017-2020)

January 19, 2019

The CEO of the Award Abdullah Al Fozan has outlined the name of the mosques included in the long list of the award considering the variety, diversity, and neutrality. Moreover, mosques information were collected by the award affairs team in cooperation with the award’s nominators from all over the countries with Islamic majority. 119 Nominators were carefully selected among experts and who interested in mosque architecture. They helped in providing information, drawings, contact details of the nominated mosque. However, the award team has worked to formulate the nominated project presentation and prepare all the documents for the jury meetng which will be held in Paris 21st-23rd of January 2019. The nominated mosques were classified into 4 categories; Central, Jumaa, Local, and community. yet, the categories were done for organizing and simplify the jury process.

Mr Alfozan added that the award process has passed with progressive development in the methodology of nomination since the beginning of the 3rd cycle. The big expansion in the geographical range from the targeting the Gulf countries (6 countries) in the second cycle to targeting the countries with Islamic majority (50 countries) in the third cycle considered as a big jump in the history of the award. However, the team has encountered many obstacles dealing with this large number of countries, cultures, and languages. Some countries such as the ones in West Africa and central Asia had lake of information about mosques, which made the award team’s job more challenging. Nevertheless, more than 30 mosques were nominated from there.

The nominated mosques were selected with full transparent and neutral methodology. 201 mosques were nominated from 48 countries from all over the countries with an Islamic majority; 23 Asian Countries nominated 136 mosques, 21 African countries nominated 43 mosques, and 4 European countries nominated 22 mosques. Therefore, the mosques were divided based on the 4 categories as follows; 64 central mosques, 72 jumaa mosques, 42 local mosques, and 23 community mosques.

The Secretary-General of the Award, Dr. Mashary Al-Naim, said that the selection of the nominated mosques was among the thousands of mosques built in these countries after the year 2000 and was chosen for the criteria based on the award, which emphasizes the concept of the mosque of the future and provide new architectural and operational experiences will contribute to the future development of the mosque.

Download PDF for Nominated Mosques

Nominated Mosques

  1. Argun Mosque, Chechnya
  2. Ezbit El Nakhl’ Great Mosque, Egypt
  3. Abdul Rahman Mosque, Afghanistan
  4. Al-Akbar Mosque, Indonesia
  5. Great Mosque of Tirana, Albania
  6. Alqouraa Mosque, Ghana
  7. Bahria Grand Mosque, Pakistan
  8. Imam Reza Complex Mosque, Iran
  9. Abdel Hamid Ibn BadisMosque, Algeria
  10. Hazrat Sultan Mosque, Kazakhstan
  11. Alwalidain, Saudi Arabia
  12. Mohamed V Mosque (Fnideq), Morocco
  13. Afghan Turk Mosque, Afghanistan
  14. Al Abidine Mosque, Tunisia
  15. Great Mosque of Central Java, Indonesia
  16. KAUST Grand Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  17. Cyberjaya Mosque, Malaysia
  18. Dian Al-Mahri Mosque, Indonesia
  19. th August Of 1956 Mosque, Algeria
  20. Minor Mosque, Uzbekistan
  21. Al Aman Mosque, Algeria
  22. Alfattah Alaleem Mosque, Egypt
  23. Alrahman Mosque, Togo
  24. Hydra Mosque , Azerbaijan
  25. Al-bukhary Mosque, Malaysia
  26. Maizon Bint Ahmed Mosque, Oman
  27. Kota Iskandar Mosque, Malaysia
  28. King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque, Jordon
  29. MusaabBin Omair Mosque, Togo
  30. Kaigoma Mosque, Tanzania
  31. Mechet’ Imeni Zhusupa Mosque, Kazakhstan
  32. Tengku Ampuan Jemaah Mosque, Malaysia
  33. Alsaleh Mosque, Yemen
  34. Princess Dzevhera Islamic Center, Bosnia
  35. Nurgasyr Regional Mosque, Kazakhstan
  36. Nur-Astana Mosque, Kazakhstan
  37. Sultan Qaboos Mosque,Sameel, Oman
  38. Daşoğuz Mosque, Turkmenistan
  39. Türkmenbaşy Ruhy Mosque, Turkmenistan
  40. Sultan Qaboos Mosque,Nezwa, Oman
  41. Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Oman
  42. Imam Sarakhsi Mosque, Kyrgyzstan
  43. Shaikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  44. Al Mina Mosque, Egypt
  45. Shaikh Zayed Mosque, Fojerah, UAE
  46. Shamakhi Mosque, Azerbaijan
  47. Albarka Mosque, Zambia
  48. The Flower Of God Mosque, Kazakhstan
  49. Sultan Qaboos Mosque,Sur, Oman
  50. Al ojail Mosque, Senegal
  51. Simad University Mosque, Somalia
  52. Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque, Chechnya
  53. Sultan Qaboos Mosque,Bahlaa, Oman
  54. Sultan Qaboos Mosque,Salalah, Oman
  55. Wilayah Persekutuan , Malaysia
  56. White Mosque, Tatarstan
  57. West Sumatra Grand Mosque, Indonesia
  58. Vali-e-Asr Mosque, Iran
  59. Mohamed V Mosque (Fnideq), Morocco
  60. Ulul Albab Mosque, Malaysia
  61. Tosyalı Oran Mosque, Algeria
  62. Zabeel Mosque, Dubai, UAE
  63. Ash Shaliheen Mosque, Brunei
  64. Al-Isryad Mosque, Indonesia
  65. Alfaroq Omar, UAE
  66. Al-Azhar Grand Mosque, Indonesia
  67. Almailam Mosque, Burkina Faso
  68. Altawheed Mosque, Jordon
  69. Al-Safar Mosque, Indonesia
  70. Al Aziz Mosque, UAE
  71. Aspire Mosque , Qatar
  72. Alrashediah Mosque, UAE
  73. Alnoor Mosque
  74. Chandgaon Mosque , Bangladesh
  75. BSML Mosque, Bangladesh
  76. Bedirye Tiryaki Mencik Mosque, Turkey
  77. Baitus Shobur Mosque, Indonesia
  78. As-Shaff Mosque, Indonesia
  79. Asma’ul Husna Great Mosque, Indonesia
  80. Al Arfaj Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  81. Amnah AlgHhorai Mosque, UAE
  82. Nehram Village Mosque, Azerbaijan
  83. Çobançeşme Mosque, Turkey
  84. Dorat Albahrain Mosque, Bahrain
  85. Abragunus Mosque, Azerbaijan
  86. Delgosha Mosque, Iran
  87. Darussalam Mosque, Indonesia
  88. Hamad Airport Mosque, Qatar
  89. Riza Bajrami Mosque, Albania
  90. Hamoudah Bin Ali Mosque, UAE
  91. GOSB Mosque, Turkey
  92. Al Aleem Mosque, UAE
  93. Fatih Üniversitesi Mosque, Turkey
  94. Haji Javad Mosque, Azerbaijan
  95. Issa Bin Salman Mosque, Bahrain
  96. Jamal Abdulnasser Mosque, Libya
  97. KataraCultural Village Mosque, Qatar
  98. Cyberjaya 10 , Malaysia
  99. FaelatKhair Mosque, Togo
  100. Esra& Me’rajMosque, Saudi Arabia
  101. AljaddafMosque, UAE
  102. Al JawharaAl Babtain Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  103. Alacaatlı Uluyol Camii Mosque, Turkey
  104. Abdulrahman SadiK Mosque, UAE
  105. Marmara University Mosque, Turkey
  106. Liaquat National Hospital Mosque, Pakistan
  107. Khalifah Altajer Mosque,UAE
  108. Khalid AlbaltanMother’s Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  109. University Teknologi Petronas Mosque, Malaysia
  110. Mohammed Vi Mosque, Morocco
  111. NadAlsheba Mosque, UAE
  112. Mohor Para Mosque , Bangladesh
  113. Mohamed Jassim Alsaddah Mosque, Kuwait
  114. Selat Melaka Mosque, Malaysia
  115. Bandar Diraja Mosque, Malaysia
  116. Alogoyan Mosque, Kuwait
  117. As-Salam Mosque, Malaysia
  118. Naji Hamshari Mosque, Jordon
  119. Sakirin Mosque, Turkey
  120. Sancaklar Mosque, Turkey
  121. Refiye Soyak Camii Mosque, Turkey
  122. Puncak Alam Mosque, Malaysia
  123. Police Mosque, Egypt
  124. Sari Asih Karawaci Mosque , Indonesia
  125. Suhaib Alromi Mosque, Bahrain
  126. Simav Tabakhane Mosque, Turkey
  127. Siddiqa Fatima Mosque, Kuwait
  128. Khaled bin AbdulazizAl Saud Mosque,Bahrain
  129. Sheikha Hessa Mosque, Bahrain
  130. Senai International Airport Mosque, Malaysia
  131. The Red Mosque, Bangladesh
  132. Tamim bin Aws, UAE
  133. Yesil Vadi Mosque, Turkey
  134. Saeed Alsaid Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  135. Yaşamkent Mosque , Turkey
  136. Mamur Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  137. Wooden Mosque, Iran
  138. Amatullah Complex Hakimi Mosque, Kenya
  139. Altawheed Mosque, Ghana
  140. Alnajdi Mosque, Niger
  141. Zirə Cümə mosque, Azerbaijan
  142. Amir Shakib Arslan Mosque, Lebanon
  143. Burhani Mosque, Uganda
  144. Bait Ur Rouf Mosque, Bangladesh
  145. Bin Haji Mosque, Tanzania
  146. Baitus Salaam Mosque, Indonesia
  147. Bait alrhman Mosque, Indonesia
  148. Asgar Ali Chowdhury Mosque, Bangladesh
  149. City Walk Mosque, UAE
  150. Esfahan Cemetery Prayer Room, Iran
  151. Golden Mosque, Qatar
  152. Istana Diraja Mosque, Malaysia
  153. Al Rahman Al Rahim Mosque, Egypt
  154. Al Warqa’a Mosque, UAE
  155. AL RAWDA MOSQUE, Jordon
  156. Al-AemahAl-Arabah , Egypt
  157. Alaçatı Süreyyave Muzaffer Mosque, Turkey
  158. Adra Mosque, Bangladesh
  159. Malatya İnönü Üniversitesi Mosque, Turkey
  160. KAFD Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  161. Mohammad Rasul-Allah Mosque, Iran
  162. Mohammed Alshouabi Mosque, Benin
  163. Mogan Golu Mosque, Turkey
  164. The Pyramidal Mosque, Kazakhistan
  165. Prayer and meditation pavilion Mosque, Sudan
  166. Permata Qolbu Mosque, Indonesia
  167. Oluwa Lowi Mosque, Benin
  168. Basuna Mosque , Egypt
  169. Semazen Mosque , Turkey
  170. Teradol Community Mosque , Bangladesh
  171. Taman Selatan Mosque, Malaysia
  172. University of Tabok Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  173. Surau Nusa Idaman Mosque, Malaysia
  174. Institute Penilaian Negara Mosque, Malaysia
  175. Surau Ali Bashah Neocyber Mosque, Malaysia
  176. The Prayer Room in TakhteSoleymanMosque, Iran
  177. Tohid Mosque, Iran
  178. Dogramacizade Ali Pasa Mosque, Turkey
  179. Turaijm Mosque, Mauritania
  180. Almaarek Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  181. Al Jo Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  182. Alhussaini Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  183. Riyadh Alkhobraa Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  184. Alhamd Mosque Mosque, Comoros
  185. Alfoqi Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  186. Ahmed Mosque, Mauritania
  187. Maidom Oasis Mosque, Egypt
  188. Faid Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  189. Aldwaihra Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  190. Alshandagha Mosque , UAE
  191. Dijngarey Mosque, Mali
  192. Djenne Mosque, Mali
  193. Alshafae Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  194. Alsakhra Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  195. Larabanga Mosque, Ghana
  196. Sidi Yahia Mosque, Mali
  197. Sankore Mosque, Mali
  198. Noor Aleslam Mosque, Guinea
  199. Aisha Mosque, Ghana
  200. OMAR BIN ALKHATAB Mosque, Mauritania
  201. Almuntada Mosque, Nigiria